Welcome to LIGHTS ARMY (LA)! We are LIGHTS ARMY, a community of SOULdiers that are fans of LIGHTS and want to help spread the music of LIGHTS across the universe and into the depths of Siberia.

As a member you can:

  • Spread the fantastical music of LIGHTS
  • Meet other LIGHTS fans
  • Participate in exclusive contests and activities
  • Win stellar prizes

How did LIGHTS ARMY come about?
LIGHTS ARMY is a group of LIGHTS fans that love the music of LIGHTS. What originally began as fans chatting on the LIGHTS Forum has now blossomed into people meeting at shows, making a connection, and spreading LIGHTS’ music. LIGHTS ARMY is a community brought together by the music of LIGHTS.

What happened to TEAM LIGHTS?
TEAM LIGHTS was the first LIGHTS eTeam/ group of fans that promoted LIGHTS’ music. The site was built on a platform that was cool but a little limiting. As a result, I discontinued it’s use and decided to use something that was fully integrated into the new website. Seeing as how the TEAM LIGHTS members were comprised of LA members anyways, it felt like a natural transition to call this section of the website LIGHTS ARMY- an homage if you will!

What is this LIGHTS ARMY section for?
Missions on how you can help spread the word about LIGHTS will be posted in this section. In addition, we’ll make some art assets available to you, post exclusive contests, and other fun activities you can join in on!


Review Siberia Acoustic!

Leave a review of Siberia Acoustic on iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, or wherever you decide to listen or buy the album! We’d like to hear what you think!

RSVP To LIGHTS’ Acoustic Tour Dates on Facebook!

Are you going to see LIGHTS live during her acoustic tour or haven’t made up your mind yet? RSVP to LIGHT’s tour dates on facebook!

US Tour Posters

LIGHTS ARMY! Interested in helping to spread the word about the tour? LIGHTS created tour posters for each date on her upcoming US tour starting in October! Here’s how you can help: – Go to LIGHTS’ facebook page and share …Read More

Share the “Banner” Music Video

LIGHTS ARMY! LIGHTS’ new video for “Banner” is out now and we need your help to spread the video! Here’s what you can do: YouTube – Like, comment on, favorite, and add the video to one of your playlists Facebook …Read More

LIGHTS ARMY Documentary

Fellow LIGHTS ARMY (LA) member, Krissy Walker, created a short documentary interviewing fans about what LA is, where they first heard LIGHTS, and much more. You may recognize some of the faces as they are from all over the world! …Read More

Help LIGHTS Get to 675k “Likes” on Facebook!

LIGHTS Fans! LIGHTS ARMY! LASers! Help LIGHTS get to 675k “likes” on Facebook and we’ll give you a free download of “Toes (Woodhands Remix)”! Share the song with your friends to help us reach our goal! Until then, stream the …Read More

“Everybody Breaks A Glass” Cover Tutorial

LIGHTS ARMY member and celebrated resident artist Marc with a C has made a tutorial to show fans how to create their own “Everybody Breaks A Glass” or “Toes” cover art! Once finished, set it as your display/ profile photo. …Read More

Mission: RSVP To A LIGHTS Show!

LIGHTS is currently on tour! Let us know if you’re going to a show by RSVP-ing on Facebook. If you ARE going to a show, be sure to share the event on your Facebook and invite your friends!  

Missions: Write A Review of Siberia

Now that you have your hands on Siberia, we could use your help writing reviews of what you think of LIGHTS’ new album! You can rate and leave a review on iTunes Write a blog about the new album Write …Read More

Mission: Share The “Toes” Music Video

LIGHTS’ music video for her single “Toes” off of the album Siberia is out on YouTube! Your mission is to share the “Toes” video with your friends! Post it as a Facebook status update, in a tumblr post, through twitter, …Read More