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LIGHTS ARMY Documentary

LIGHTS ARMY Documentary

January 28th, 2012

Fellow LIGHTS ARMY (LA) member, Krissy Walker, created a short documentary interviewing fans about what LA is, where they first heard LIGHTS, and much more. You may recognize some of the faces as they are from all over the world! She managed to capture some wonderful moments of LIGHTS ARMY meetups and even an interview with LIGHTS! So, enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments on Krissy’s video!

Read LIGHTS’ comment about the video:

THIS IS AMAZING. I love you guys so much, Krissy you nailed this, so talented. I’m so blessed to have amazing people like you guys who have my back. Almost to tears watching this. <3 so much love. -Lights

Editor’s Note: People always ask me what LIGHTS ARMY is. To define it or describe what being a member entails. I don’t think of it as one tangible thing as it’s a state of mind. You can only be. It began with/ around LIGHTS but has become much much more.

It started with a group of passionate fans that love the music of LIGHTS, chatting on the LIGHTS forum, and grew beyond to people meeting at shows and making a connection and an effort to hang out outside of shows. However, what I’m most proud of is the collaboration and community that we’ve established. From participating in creative projects, the level of respect we have for each other, to how welcoming we are to new fans.

The fact is, you can be a member of LIGHTS ARMY, a LASer, Souldier or just a fan. LIGHTS ARMY is just a name- we support LIGHTS and each other. If you’re a member, we have your back.

Are you a member? You decide.

-Jeremy the Bug